Lee Aik Peng 

Founder of ofimo888 



"The EuroMBA experience is an eye-opener to the European Biz environment. It is provocative to one's personal motivation in work (or even in life). EuroMBA provides a lifetime platform of learning opportunities amongst an international network of like-minded professionals."


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Changes in the business environment constantly forces firms to adapt to the new circumstances. Learn how organisations change and how you can develop the skills of a change agent.


Changing consumer tastes and increasing competition put pressure on firms to find new ways to add value. International Marketing will give you all the tools you need to make your business a market leader.


Money drives business and having a clear understanding of how the financial mechanisms of your business work is an essential tool for all managers. Master the balance sheet and much more!


Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the game. This course will show you how to manage innovation and make effective use of technology to keep your organisation ahead of the rest.


The economy affects all organisations, big and small. This course will give you insight into the tools of economics and how they can be used to create a competitive advantage.