EuroMBA Online structures part of MaastrichtMBA as of January 1, 2020

MaastrichtMBA releases EuroMBA Online track

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We develop future leaders for future business

Are you ready for the future? Do you have the skills that a future leader needs? We give you the tools to become managers of future. We will show you how to identify future growth, how to create new and unique products and how to transform your organisations to meet those needs. Make a real change in your career and join managers from around the world for an exciting journey of learning. The EuroMBA is not your regular MBA. Whereas most MBAs are offered by one business school, the EuroMBA is offered by six! This consortium of European Business Schools and universities is unique, providing managers with the knowledge and skills to take them further in their careers.

The EuroMBA is a blended learning MBA. It consists of one introductory programme, ten online courses and six residential weeks. It is a joint MBA programme, so that you will become a student at six different European business schools and universities. No other programme offers you the same kind of flexibility, while allowing you to build your international network.

Six Schools Offering Six Areas of Expertise

Strategies for Innovative Growth

Develop your insights into how to meet your future customer needs. At HHL Graduate School of Management, you will learn how to think outside the box and develop strategies for future growth.

Business Life Cycle

Organisations are born, grow and at some point die. At EADA Business School you will learn about the dynamic nature of the business life-cycle and develop insights into turnaround management.


The IAE Graduate School of Management provides a unique business experience combining academics, entrepreneurs and business angels to devleop your skills in writing a business plan.

Learning in Organisations

Become a leader of change and learn how to transformation your organisation successfully at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

Managing in Emerging Economies

Develop the right skills and competencies for success in dynamic and chaotic business environments at Kozminski University.

Global Responsibility

Discover new markets and new business opportunties to develop responsible business activities at Audencia Business School.

The Power of Partnership


Kozminski University     Maastricht University     Eada Business School Barcelona    Leipzig Graduate School of Management      Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management     Audencia Business School


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