Business Life Cycle

EADA Business School
Barcelona, Spain

Nothing stays the same, and as with everything, organisations grow, mature and eventually die. Understanding this process is essentail if you are to build sustainable strategies to keep your organisation alive and healthy. At EADA Business School Barcelona, you will learn how to deal with these challenges. EADA’s residential programme focusses on issues facing all organisations: the business life cycle. Young organisations face very different challenges to mature organisations. Successful firms must be aware of these challenges. Their managers need to understand the processes that surround them, why they emerge, when they will emerge and how best to respond to them.

EADA has a long history of expertise in the area of strategy, working closely with the Spanish business community. Their expertise and business network will be a corner stone in this residential week which analyses the life, death and resurection of a firm.

After this residential week you will:
  • gain insight into how firms manage growth, maturity and decline
  • recognise the stages of firm development and which strategies to employ
  • be able to develop a turn-around strategy
  • understand how to revitalise a declining firm
  • be able negotiate in an international context

The main topics of this week are:

  • The Spanish, Social, Economic and Political Context – Joan Miquel Piqué
  • International Negotiation
  • Initial Stage of the Life Cycle
  • Start up and Venture Capital
  • Growth
  • Turnaround Management
  • Revitalisation

From discussing a payrise to acquiring a new business, the art of negotiation is a vital tool for any manager. Learn about the impact of information on the negotiation process and the importance of building relationships.

EADA is a business school with a unique background. It is an ideologically and financially independent institution. Its raison d’être and existence stem from the desire of a group of professionals to offer society excellent training.

EADA is defined by its global vision and its belief in the values of equality, independence, personal development and academic excellence. The people involved with EADA during the institution’s more than 50 years of history have changed, but our values have remained firmly at the heart of everything we do. EADA’s status as a private, non-profit foundation, governed by a Trust, ensures our continuity and sustainability.

Founded in Barcelona in 1957, EADA was set up in 1985 as a private university foundation engaging in training, applied research and transfer of knowledge to the business world and society in an international context.

EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain

EADA Business School

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