Global Responsibility

Audencia Business School, Nantes, France

With the increase in globalisation over recent years, media attention has focused more and more on the role of business in society. Concerns over global warming, the destruction of rainforests, child labour and corporate fraud have led to increased demands on industry to clean up its act and to take a higher moral ground. The residential week at Audencia will provide participants with an overview of how Global Responsibility can be incorporated into business strategy. It will address in a coherent and holistic way prevalent issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The focus will be on how responsible leadership, both, by individual managers and firms, can shape a sustainable future for the people and the planet.

During this week, we will focus on the sustainable development agenda the world has set itself at the beginning of 2016. The UN sustainable development goals (the SDGs) will provide a framework for discussing questions and challenges of as well as implications for responsible leadership. It will enable us to derive a learning experience linked to both, personal and professional growth.

After this residential week you will:

  • be able to develop socially responsible strategies
  • gain insights into how CSR can sustain a firm’s competitive advantage
  • understand how CSR can be incorporated into human resource policies, into corporate governance, into shareholder engagement as well as ethical investment strategies.

The main topics of this residential week are:

  • SDGs
  • Individual Level Shifts in Leaders Mindsets: The motivation for becoming a responsible leader
  • Social entrepreneurship and New Models for Financing
  • Creativity: How to Find a Social Business Idea
  • Coaching skills
  • Corruption
  • Leading Responsibility toward a Sustainable Future: How Responsible Leadership links to Social Innovation and CSR
  • Diversity and Sustainable Development
  • Stakeholder Collaboration for Successful Social Entrepreneurship

Leadership is more than management, it is about inspiring others to take on the challenges of your organisation. But how do you do this? how do you create this eagerness in your team? The key is coaching: understanding the needs of others and finding the trigger they need to develop and grow in their tasks. During this week you will train your coaching skills, showing you how to develop your leadership potential, and providing you with the tools to inspire and lead others.

Founded in 1900, Audencia Business Schoolis one of the best management schools in Europe. Its programmes are regularly ranked among the world’s best by The Financial Times and The Economist. The school’s vision of teaching is based on three key principles that give sense to our actions: global responsibility, entrepreneurship and a cultural awareness of which the dual competencies approach and an international spirit of openness are the most emblematic examples.

Audencia Business School, Nantes, France

Audencia Business School

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