Alumnus, Jean McGrath, talked to us about her EuroMBA experiences. Combining a busy job, an active family and a demanding MBA,were some of the challenges that Jean faced over the last two years.

Jean McGrath

Juggling a part time job with three children, I was nervous about the commitment to the EuroMBA programme. However, within just weeks, I managed to re-set some priorities and found a way to make it work. The programme was challenging and energising and I never looked back.

Having placed my career on hold for some years in order to be able to combine family with work, the MBA was a great opportunity for me to step back from the frenzy life and work and to devote some resources to figuring out what I would like to achieve with the rest of my career.

We studied such a wide range of business topics. The professors were great and each had a slightly different approach to learning and interacting. We had a lot of very fun discussions on the internet forums where we learned not just from the professors but also from each other. The students were from so many different countries and with all kinds of backgrounds from music to engineering, everyone brought something different to the table and the diversity was refreshing.

Working together on group assignments and spending residential weeks together means that you get to know your fellow students really well. I treasure many of the friendships that I made along the way.

My master thesis involved a study of the HR department of the university where I currently work. The insights I gained from the research allowed me to come up with some great ideas for how to re-structure the business and to deploy technology to improve service levels and staff satisfaction.

I found that I could apply much of what I learned in the MBA program to my work environment. Since I graduated, I got promoted to lead a data warehouse project to promote a more data driven decision making and strategy for the university.

The MBA will continue to open doors for me as I plan to move back into a more international role within the coming years.

Written by EuroMBA Alumnus Jean McGrath, 5 June 2018

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