We spoke to Dr. Marlon Titre about his experiences during the last two years as a student in the programme. Marlon, who’s background is in classical guitar recently took up the position of deputy head of the classical department at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (the Royal Conservatory). Coming from a not-for-profit background, the EuroMBA was a way for him to learn about contemporary business and management skills.

Marlon, which of the online courses impressed you most and why?

“The international marketing course was one of the most eye-opening courses for me from the MBA cycle of modules. From all courses so far, this was the one where I felt least knowledgeable coming in. What I liked about the course materials is that they were able to convey a compelling picture of the marketing landscape within the limited timeframe granted to us to complete a module. The book was very helpful, and the information density was high. All in all, it provided a wide range of tools to apply marketing in practice. The videos highlighted the particular ways in which other companies use their creativity to market products. The videos were memorable, and because they were memorable, great learning tools. As always, the forum in your courses is bubbling with activity. It helps us learn and get to know each other in a personal and professional way.”

And what was your impression of the residential programme? What kinds of skills did you learn?

“We covered management consulting in Barcelona, emerging economies in Warsaw, and learning organizations in Maastricht. During these intensive weeks, called residential weeks, we dive into a theme at which the university we visit excels. Together with the online modules, the residential weeks make the learning experience multi-dimensional.”

Name: Marlon Titre
Current position: Deputy Head Classical Department at Koninklijk Conservatorium
Educational background: Leiden University PhD, Creative and Performing Arts
Started his EuroMBA journey: September 2016
Expected date of graduation: September 2018

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