Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Our aim is for the professional development of international leaders to enable them to act and think strategically in a global environment, to be aware of the impact of their decisions on themselves, on their organisation and on the world.
In order to support our mission statement, we strongly believe in the following criteria:
  1. To enable participants to develop both intellectually and practically to realise their personal and professional goals
  2. To create an international community of leaders with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds
  3. To develop a permanent learning and networking environment

The mission of the EuroMBA is to help you develop:

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The global economy, these days, creates many opportunities for managers like you working in an international business environment. In order to make the most of these opportunities the EuroMBA helps you to develop entrepreneurial skills that will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. This might be in the form of new products for new markets, setting up business units for existing organizations or setting up their own business.

Global Mindset

Knowledge on economics and technological developments taking place around the world is essential. As a today’s leader, the EuroMBA helps you developing projects in dynamic and potentially unstable business environments. Moreover, by working with all different kind of nationalities in the programme, you will become more sensitive to cultural differences that will face you when developing business activities in these new exciting markets.

Sustainable Development

Increasing pressure from governments and consumers around the world is forcing companies to develop strategies that are consistent with corporate social responsibility. The role of the organisation is changing and the corporate world is expected to play an increasing role in society. Concerns for the environment, for people and for the limited availability of resources are issues that you as a future leader need to resolve.

Creative Leadership

Managing organisations in the dynamic global environment requires strong leadership skills. Global managers need to be able to lead their organisations, their teams and their colleagues, to new levels of excellence. The EuroMBA helps you to develop creative strategies in these new challenging markets, as well as understand cultural differences and be sensitive for the needs of individuals and communities in which they operate.

The Power of Partnership


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