Strategies for Innovative Growth

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

The future is never certain, and trying gauge where the future will take us, is a major challenge for any manager. Failure to predict changes in the world economy, changes in consumer taste or societal trends, can have huge consequences on a firm’s sustainability. Today’s managers must learn how to innovate and develop growth strategies effectively, and thus ensure the sustainable competitive advantage of the company. HHL Graduate School of Management will facilitate your journey to develop strategies for innovative growth.

The manager of today must learn how to innovate and develop growth strategies effectively, and thus ensure the sustainable competitive advantage of the company. By the end of the residential week, participants will understand how
  • Growth through strategic innovation
  • Designing flexible strategies for growth in volatile environments
  • Growth through business model optimisation

Although the future is never certain, change is one certainty we can predict. However, what change will bring and when will it bring it, is a major concern for all organisations. Scenario planning gives you the tools to determine the drivers of change facing your business, giving you the chance to develop sustainable strategies to stay ahead of the game.

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, founded in 1898 as Germany’s first business school, was the birthplace of modern management education. From its inception, HHL has been committed to rigorous management instruction and research, and quickly developed an international reputation. After the peaceful East German revolution of 1989, which started in the streets of Leipzig, HHL rediscovered the entrepreneurial spirit of its founding days and was restructured as a high-performing private business school – again with full university status.

HHL Business School, Leipzig, Germany

HHL Business School

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