Technology and Innovation Management

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
Steve Jobs

Mastering technology and innovation management is a key concern for any manager. Never has innovation been faster, wider, and with more tremendous sectorial consequences! Consequently, as with many revolutions, some heads are falling off while new leaders are emerging. The five largest companies in terms of stock value in 2016 were all technology driven companies: Apple, Alphabet (the former Google), Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. In less than ten years, these young technology companies have managed to dislodge large traditional companies that had been at the top of the class for decades. As a result, in their race to reach the top, they have also caused much collateral damage and ruined many traditional or slower competitors such as Nokia, Blackberry, or Yahoo.

Technology, and especially digital technology, is at the heart of many innovations today. Moreover, technology-based firms spend more than 5 percent of their yearly turnover in research and development. As such, innovation provides a strong competitive advantage and is one of the best ways to speed up the rate of change and adaptation to the global environment. Consequently, innovation management is an essential discipline to learn in order to be prepared for the challenges of doing business nowadays.

After this course you will:

  • have an understanding of how technological and innovation processes work within a firm.
  • gain ideas for developing and exploiting firms’ innovative and technological capabilities.
  • identify concepts and tools for integrating technology and innovation into firms’ competitive strategies
  • be able to analyse the various sources of innovation
  • be able to evaluate critically the various steps of the process of innovation management in a wide diversity of industries

The main topics of this course are:

  • Innovation over time and in historical context
  • Integrating technology and strategy
  • Design and evolution of technology strategy
  • Enactment of technology strategy in order to develop the firm’s innovative capabilities
  • Enactment of technology strategy in order to create and implement a development strategy
  • Innovation challenges in established firms
  • Organisation architectures and managing innovation
  • Managing functional competencies
  • Executive leadership and managing innovation and change


Dr. Eric Viardot
Professor of Technology and Innovation Management

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